G-Speed Studio Is Geared to 4K Workflows, Offering up to 24 TB of Storage at 660 MB/sec

G-Technology announced the new G-Speed Studio and G-RAID Studio, Thunderbolt 2 storage devices using 7200 RPM hard drives with capacities of up to 6 TB. 

The G-Speed Studio is a four-bay hardware RAID enclosure with claimed sustained transfer rates of up to 660 MB/sec in RAID-0 mode. It ships with four hard drives, holding up to 30 hours of 4K ProRes 4444 footage in a RAID-5 configuration. G-Tech said users can use it to edit three streams of compressed 4K. Compatible with Mac OS 10.9 and up, it ships this month in 12 TB ($2200), 16 TB ($2700) and 24 TB ($3600) versions.

The G-RAID Studio, with two disks configurable as RAID-0, RAID-1, or JBOD, can handle transfer rates of up to 360 MB/sec. It also ships this month in 4 TB ($650), 8 TB ($850), and 12 TB ($1500) versions.