Low Bandwidth Options Target Sports Analysis and Cloud Applications

Panasonic is upgrading its $2250 AG-AC90 AVCCAM handheld camcorder with two new recording modes and a handful of other improvements. The new model is known as the AG-AC90A, but current users can get the new features via a free firmware update from Panasonic.

The two new recording options are PM, which records at a resolution of 1280×720 and a data rate of 8 Mbps for sports analysis, and CS, which does 720×480 video at 3.5 Mbps for low-bandwidth transfers in and out of cloud services. The camera's highest quality shooting mode records 1080p60 at 28 Mbps.

Other new features include the ability to copy content between two SD cards, a date and time bug for law enforcement and other legal applications, the option to send a freeze frame over the video output while the camera operator is changing positions, support for transmission via Eye-Fi cards, and a variable white balance adjustment. 

The AC90 is an inexpensive camera, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. For more, see Barry Braverman's review from earlier this year.

Panasonic: www.panasonic.com/broadcast