Also New is Mocha Plus, a $245 Tool That Improves on the Bundled Mocha Tool in After Effects

Imagineer Systems released a new version of its Mocha Pro software today, adding features with an eye on roto, motion-tracking, and object-removal in stereoscopic 3D workflows.

"With version 4, we are streamlining many of the complex corrective tasks that come with large stereo-3D projects and expanding the compatibility of Mocha Pro with visual-effects applications such as [The Foundry's] Nuke [and] Ocula and Adobe After Effects," said Imagineer CMO Ross Shain in a prepared statement. Shain explained that Mocha's planar-tracking technology has been extended to track the difference between two image streams in a stereo-3D workflow. "This results in a lot less manual keyframing for both solving tracks and creating articulate roto masks."

Other new features include support for Mocha roto masks on the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline and a new keyboard shortcut interface with presets that match After Effects and Nuke. Also rolling out for the first time is Python scripting capabilities that will allow users to integrate Mocha Pro 4 with asset management systems, and to automate custom Mocha Pro tasks, like sending certain render processes to a background render farm. Mocha Pro 4 supports After Effects and Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion, Avid DS, Assimilate Scratch, Autodesk Flame, Smoke and Maya, Boris FX, Eyeon Fusion, HitFilm, Quantel, Maxon Cinema 4D, Red Giant Warp, and Nuke.

Mocha Pro 4 sells for $1,495; upgrades start at $495.

Imagineer also introduced Mocha Plus, a less expensive version of the flagship product with more features than the previous Mocha AE, which will continue to be bundled with Adobe After Effects CC. Mocha Plus includes a 3D camera solver, lens-correction tools, and support for copying roto masks from Mocha Plus directly to the timeline in Premiere Pro. Mocha Plus also supports Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion, HitFilm and Boris FX. It's a $95 upgrade for owners of Mocha AE v3, a $195 upgrade for Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers already using Mocha AE CC, and $245 as a new purchase.

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