Facial Mocap Rig Gets Hardware Improvements, Software Updates for Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Vicon's Cara facial motion-capture system is getting an upgrade this year, with new features to be shown at SIGGRAPH.

Vicon is updating the CaraLive software for increased efficiency, reducing the time required for capture and post-production. Auto-exposure has been tuned up, and a region of interest can be specified as a starting point for the exposure settings. The blob detector has been tweaked for better tracking, wi-fi set-up has been simplified, and CaraLive users can choose between single-camera and mult-camera views.

At the same time, CaraPost, which converts CaraLive footage to 3D point data, is emerging from a long beta with new features that take into account the way the system has been used in production environments. Its blob detector is now faster and more accurate, and the automated tracker and tracking tools have been improved, Vicon said. 

Also new is a controllable four-light rig for use in environments where lighting is a challenge, and the accessory kit has been expanded to get closer to Cara's one-size-fits-all ideal. 

"The Cara updates reflect our continuing commitment to delivering modular, high-performance facial motion capture that's accessible to all," said Cara Product Manager Phil Elderfield in a prepared statement.