Rest of the Line-up Gets Price Cuts As Big Brother Hits the Market

The new MoVI M15 camera stabilizer from Freefly Systems, designed to hold payloads of up to 15 pounds, started shipping last week in "very limited" quantities, the company said, predicting broader availability by the end of next month.

Freefly introduced the M15 at a starting price of $11,995 at the same time that it cut prices on the rest of the MoVI lineup. The M10 now starts at $7.995 (down from $14,995) and the M5 at $3,995 (down from $4,995). 

Like its smaller predecessors, the M15 is a stabilized brushless camera rig with the company's Majestic Mode technology allowing a single operator to hold the camera rig and simultaneously control pan and tilt movements. The stabilizer also has a dual-operator mode allowing a second operator to control pan and tilt with the optional MoVI Controller remote.

The M15 weighs five lbs (2.3 kg) on its own, and the full camera cage measures 200mm long by 200mm wide by 160mm high. With a maximum payload of 15 lbs (6.8 kg) it's designed to hold cameras including the Sony F55 and the ARRI Alexa M.