Other Improvements Include New Flow Motion Features, AS-11 Output, UHD and 4K via AJA Kona 3G

Quantel updated the Pablo Rio at IBC, supporting long-GOP XAVC, S-log3 and S-Gamut3 for Sony cameras as well as Apple's new ProRes 4444 XQ format.

The latest Rio software also supports ARRI's new SDK, including the Open Gate acquisition formats, anamorphic at 1.3x and 2x, Alexa monochrome, and UHD and 4K upscaling.

In other feature enhancements, the Rio now has Flow Motion motion estimation for converting footage to slow and quick motion, UHD and 4K support was added to Pablo Rio software systems using AJA's Kona 3G hardware, and AS-11 export was added to Pablo Rio and Pablo PA.

Quantel: www.quantel.com