New Version of Studio Management Software Also Gets Subscription Pricing Options

In a new release shipping today, AlterMedia has added accessibility via web browsers and iOS devices to the network version of its Studio Suite Xi studio management software. Only the multi-user network version of the software offers iOS and web access; users of the lower-tier "Pro " and "Solo" versions will still have to access their database via the desktop application

Other new features include a redesigned calendar, a QuickLog feature that allows any number of staffers and freelance workers to log their time directly into a Studio Suite project from wherever they are working without requiring paid licenses, expanded media asset management capabilities, improvements to the system's AICP and AICE budgeting features, and the ability to export to QuickBooks online. The system's interface has gotten some revisions, too.

But browser accessibility is the most important addition to Studio Suite Xi — AlterMedia owner Joel Stoner suggested that final "i" could stand for "Internet" and said some of the new features could actually reduce the number of paid licenses a facility needs.

Another change is the addition of a subscription pricing plan. Stoner acknowledged that many users still prefer to buy software outright, but noted the industry trend toward subscriptions. "We're going to offer that as well and let the customers make a choice," he told StudioDaily.

Annual licenses of Studio Suite Pro, the single-user version of the software designed for smaller studios, run $720/year, which amounts to $60/month. A perpetual license is $1,200. An annual license of Studio Suite Network, the multi-user version designed for larger facilities, starts at $1,440/year ($120/month) plus $720/year for each seat. Perpetual licenses start at $3,600 for one seat and increase by $1,200 for each additional seat. Studio Suite Solo, aimed mainly at students, is $400 flat. 

A free 30-day trial is available.