Codex said today that it had provided a 4K recording system that was "launched into space" from Cape Canaveral on September 20. The system blasted off last month on a SpaceX flight along with crew supplies, cargo, and the ISS-RapidScat climate-research instrument.

The Codex Onboard S recorder will end up on board the International Space Station, where astronauts will use it to record 4K Cinema Raw output at up to 120fps from a Canon EOS C500 cinema camera. The C500 will be capturing the high-resolution shots for an IMAX production with the working title A Perfect Planet.

Codex said its system had been torture-tested by a team that included cinematographer James Neihouse, whose IMAX resume includes Hubble 3D, Space Station 3D, and Mission to Mir.

"Codex equipment has already been pushed to the limit during the testing process," said Codex Managing Director Marc Dando in a prepared statement, "and now we get to support this project in space."

The system is expected to remain in orbit for the next 12 months.