The 3D Looks Editor Is Now Compatible with Cinema4D

The Foundry has updated its design tool Colorway, one of several new products introduced by the company following its merger with Luxology. Launched this summer, Colorway gives Modo users a simple, render-free way to manage limitless real-time iterations of a 3D design or scene's lighting, parameters, colors and textures. The new version expands the tool's reach to Cinema 4D files. 

The Foundry says Colorway is not aimed at any one industry, though 3D industrial and architectural designers seem like a prime user group. But given The Foundry's family of VFX products, Colorway will likely find its way into various design and post workflows. It could, for example, be invaluable to an art director or designer working at one end of the VFX pipeline without NUKE experience who needs to update looks for approval. WIth Colorway, he or she could tweak the looks without having to push each iteration back down the pipeline for a full re-render.

The new version, 1.1, features better anti-aliasing and an updated .dci file format that now supports floating point data, improving overall image quality. The software also supports .tga files, the rendering of utility passes, and round trip inverted textures, among a number of other feature enhancements. An icon linking to Colorway Presenter, the software's free companion client-side viewing app, appears in this version's GUI.