Plug-in Options Seek to Replicate the Look of Glass Diffusion Filters

Invisible Chainsaw introduced Variable Diffusion, a new plug-in for Adobe After Effects CS5 or newer on Mac OS X.

The company said it has developed a new algorithm to emulate the look of in-camera light scattering, allowing the look of various diffusion filters to be approximated in post-production. Some filters are designed specifically to work with skin tones, reducing shine and promoting even tones or even swapping in different skin colors. So-called "Light Wrapture" presets are meant to offer a more efficient alternative to "light wrap" techniques for blending layers in chromakeyed composites. And different presets can be used as quick and easy look variations for animation or 3D composites.

Filter controls are presented to users as a series of sliders for intuitive use by video editors who aren't used to fiddling around with twiddly controls in After Effects, the company said.

Bundled with Variable Diffusion is a tool called the Presets Picker, which renders a "sampler" of available presets to speed up the selection process. Curious about exactly what's available in the package, and how it affects an original image? Take a look at the online Sample Depot, which allows you to interactively filter and browse examples.


The company says that if it releases Variable Diffusion for any other platforms, After Effects for Windows will be at the head of the list.

Variable Diffusion is available from aescripts + aeplugins at a list price of $129. A free demo is available and, through February 20, the full product is being discounted to $69.