XenData's new X2500-USB LTO-6 archive system can be connected to desktop workstations and notebook computers via USB 3.0, the company said. It's a potentially useful tool for a data wrangler on set, who could use it to offload files from camera storage media to LTO tape, or for anyone who needs to manage an offline digital archive. 

The system includes an external LTO-6 tape drive as well as XenData6 workstation management software for 64-bit Windows 7 and 8.1. (Mac users are advised to use a Boot Camp installation or VM Fusion to run Windows.) The system saves files to LTO tape using either LTFS or TAR formats, and can manage an unlimited number of LTO cartridges and one or more standalone LTO-6 drives, XenData said. (The included license supports the use of one assigned LTO drive, but the workstation software can be installed on multiple computers that can be used to manage that drive.) Archive and restore functions can run at transfer rates of up to 140 Mbps and are accessed through drag-and-drop operations in Windows Explorer.