FOR-A said NAB 2015 will be the American debut of the forthcoming FT-ONE-S, a smaller and lighter version of the 4K variable-frame-rate camera it launched in 2012.

The FT-ONE-S will match its predecessor in many regards, but it falls short of the earlier camera's blistering high frame rate recording of up to 900fps at 4K resolution. That's one good reason why the existing FT-ONE and fiber-optic-enabled FT-ONE-OPT will remain on the market. But it goes to show that, now that 4K has established itself in production, cinematographers are demanding more compact cameras that can fit into tight spaces or on highly mobile rigs, including drones, as alternatives to bulkier models that maximize performance. 

FT-ONE vs FT-ONE-S: Key Specs
Dimensions 232mm (W) x 294mm (H) x 393mm (D) (excluding protrusions) 180mm (W) × 197mm (H) × 290mm (D) (excluding protrusions)
Weight 7.5 kg (fully equipped with options: 8.6 kg) 5.5 kg
4K Video Output

3G-SDI (Level-A), 3840 × 2160, BNC × 4
Output formats: 1080/59.94p, 1080/50p

3G-SDI (Level-A), 3840 × 2160, BNC × 4

Output formats: 1080/59.94p, 1080/50p
Max frame rate/rec time 900fps/9.8 sec. 360fps/23.6 sec.

Source: For-A

The FT-ONE-S has a Super 35 format CMOS sensor and built-in 12-axis color-correction for its video output. The camera works with a base station that can be installed in a live truck and controls the camera, including tally signals and intercom functionality. Users can shoot with the camera while tethered to the base station via optical cable at a distance of up to 1 km, FOR-A said.


Source: FOR-A. Click image to load a higher-resolution version.

The FT-ONE and FT-ONE-OPT are available now at street prices of around $95,000 and $128,000, respectively. We queried FOR-A about pricing and availability of the FT-ONE-S with no response as yet; the camera is currently listed at the FOR-A website with "provisional" specs. We'll update this story when we get that information.