Cooke Optics is promising to ship its new 25mm and 135mm Anamorphic/i lenses in time for NAB. Announced at IBC last year, the lenses will bookend the existing range of 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm lenses.

Among the first users of the Anamorphic/i lenses are Antoine Roch, AFC, who used them to shoot the new French thriller Un homme idéal with the ARRI Alexa XT. John Lindley, ASC, also used them on a Hungry Man spot, Cooke said.

"I wanted to use the Cookes because I needed high-speed anamorphics and these lenses are very fast and sharp without being too heavy," Lindley said in a statement provided by Cooke. "They also don't breathe as much as some of the other anamorphics I have used."