Canon finally unveiled the EOS C300 Mark II Digital Cinema Camera today, taking the highly anticipated step of adding full 4K imaging capabilities—that's 4096×2160 as well as UHD 3840×2160—to the C300.

The updated C300 Mark II boasts a new 8.85 megapixel Super 35 format CMOS sensor, new image processing hardware, and a new codec, XF-AVC, that allows recording 10-bit 4:2:2 4K internally to CFast 2.0 cards at a maximum bitrate of 410 Mbps. Raw 4K can also be output simultaneously via 3G-SDI to an external recorder.

Color fidelity gets better at 2K and HD resolution, as the camera supports 12-bit 4:4:4 recording, not to mention frame rates that top out at 120 fps.

The new sensor has larger photosites to increase the camera's light sensitivity over its predecessor (Canon now claims a maximum of 15 stops of dynamic range), and the sensor's readout speed has been doubled, which should reduce the occurence of visible rolling shutter artifacts.

Also new this time is Canon Log Gamma 2, a curve designed to extend image latitude in color-grading. ACES and Rec. 2020 color workflows are both supported.

Canon's Dual PIxel CMOS autofocus technology now enables face-detection autofocus with Cano EF lenses as well as STM lenses. Users can have input on various autofocus parameters to get the  best results depending on the exact shooting conditions. 

The new camera also adds a built in mic, an SD card slot for 8-bit 4:2:0 HD proxy recordings, a removable hand grip, and a low-angle handle extension with additional attachment points.

Canon said the EOS C300 Mark II will ship in September for an estimated retail price of $20,000 with EF or PL mount.