New Ethernet-Connected Servers Share OS, GUI, with Existing Storage Line

Small Tree came to NAB this year with its new TitaniumZ NL ethernet-based nearline shared-storage servers, part of the fifth generation of its storage line. Designed as an integrated back-up system for video editing pipelines, the NL shares the same OS and GUI with Small Tree's existing TitaniumZ line-up.

The 3RU TitaniumZ NL-16 can be configured with between 16 and 48 6Gb SATA drives at up to 6 TB each, while the NL-24 supports a maximum of 72 drives, yielding as much as 432 TB of raw storage. The systems have two onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports and optionally support up to 24 GbE or up to 12 10GbE ports.

That kind of ethernet connectivity for storage will only become more efficient, CEO Corky Seeber told StudioDaily at NAB, with 40 Gigabit Ethernet on the horizon. "I'm here to kill fibre channel," he declared with a smile on his face.

Renewed interest in high-performance storage systems among NAB attendees seemed to be driven in large part by the reality of 4K workflow, as clients, including streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, are beginning to demand 4K deliverables from content providers.

Asked about the pace of that transition, Seeber is confident in the accelerating pace of the 4K transition, especially when it comes to specific markets. He cited sports broadcasting and high-end news programming from outlets like the BBC as early adopters.

"YouTube has 4K up now," he said. "How long do you think ABC is not going to have 4K? And for sports? There's nothing like watching the Masters in 4K."