Company Cites Redundant Infrastructure and Scalability as Key Considerations in the Move

Scanline VFX has opted to sign on with data-center operator Internap, which will manage the powerful render farms that handle Scanline's data-intensive renders and simulations at a colocated facility in Los Angeles.

Scanline had previously operated its own data centers in four different locations, but moved to Internap to reduce the complexity and improve the reliability of its infrastructure. "We run one of the biggest data islands in the country, and with the sheer number of renders and simulations that are constantly running, flawless data management is absolutely critical to our business," said Scanline Studio Manager Scott Miller in a prepared statement, citing redundant infrastructure, high power density, and scalability as key factors in the transition to a colocated data center.

Internap said Scanline sends more than 210 TB of data through its render farm daily, requiring storage capacity of more than three PB for backups. At the same time, Scanline's employees at its facilities in L.A., Vancouver and Munich need uninterrupted, high-speed network access, which Internap said is enhanced through its Performance IP service, designed to avoid congestion over the public Internet. Scalable power density allows Scanline to increase power provided to a single rack up to 18kW, allowing the company to scale power as needed without increasing the footprint of its render servers.