We're not sure why it took a site called to make this awesomely useful set of infographics outlining and organizing keyboard shortcuts for various Adobe Creative Cloud apps, including Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. But we're glad they did.


OK, pro users likely have all of these hotkeys commited to memory, or at least the ones controlling the functions they're most intimately familiar with. But if you don't know your Premiere hotkeys? Boy, are you in for a treat the first time you realize you don't have to push that mouse all over creation just to bring up the stupid selection tool.

Improbably, blogger/designer Jamie Spencer even takes requests — he responded to posts in the blog's comment section with new cheat sheets for Lightroom and Bridge. And, yes, he promises that Audition is coming soon. So keep an eye open.​ And a new one for Adobe Audition is available now. 

Tip of the hat to the bloodhounds at No Film School for finding these via Lifehacker