Here's the state of the art in VR shooting—in a new video, Radiant Images is showing off the latest version of the Headcase Cinema Quality VR 360.

We've covered Headcase before, with the company's trademark many-headed VR camera system, but the platform now features wireless control and big tires for smooth all-terrain driving.

It carries the Codex ActionCam VR 360 Blossom, Headcase's 16-pound, 17-camera rig, which delivers 360-degree image resolution of 6600×3300, with cameras pointing in every direction but straight down. Along for the ride are an arsenal of Codex Recorders (capturing 12-bit raw files at up to 60p), on-board 2F1 NK batteries, and more gear to tie it all together.

Radiant and Headcase partner on VR workflow, including capture, stitch, editorial and delivery services. But the big system isn't the only VR option at Radiant. The company also offers stereo VR rigs, cylindrical rigs, spherical GoPro rigs, and custom camera arrays.