SIGGRAPH's new VR Village is ground zero for immersive content, providing a "360-degree immersion dome" for demonstrating virtual realitry, augmented reality, and full-dome cinema content.

"For the debut of SIGGRAPH's VR Village, my co-chair Denise Quesnel and I wanted to ensure that attendees have the chance to see amazing applications that have been developed by the world's best programmers, cinematographers, artists and game developers that are currently out there," said VR Village Program Co-Chair Ed Lantz in a prepared statement. "We also hope to inspire and bring together the larger VR community."

The VR Village will include the "Nomadic VR Arena," described as a walking-around space where visitors can experience immersive environments while wearing untethered headsets, head-mounted display stations where programming including "Neuro" and "LoVR" will be available for viewing, and the "Immersion Dome," where cinema-style storytelling will be screened in a 360-degree environment. Moderated talks with speakers including executives from Walt Disney Imagineering R&D, Sony's PlayStation Magic Lab, Emblematic Group and Jaunt Studios will look at the creation of VR content.

SIGGRAPH takes place August 9-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.