Ftrack said a new version of its project-management software will be released next week.

Ftrack 3.2 will include Workflows, a new feature that allows users to customize layouts to better fit workflows for different markets, such as motion graphics, video games, or architecture and design. Project layouts can be easily adjusted as a job progresses.IMG_0728

The company is working with customers in different industries to create custom templates for users in those markets.

"By allowing users to pick their own project structures, Ftrack opens up to multiple industries that previously found the VFX shot-and-sequence structure a tricky workaround," said Ftrack CEO Fredrik Limsäter in a prepared statement.

A new Python API is designed to allow developers to work with more of Ftrack's functionality than had previously been possible when customizing tools.

Ftrack integration with Nuke Studio has been delayed and is now expected to arrive this fall. In addition, an Ftrack mobile application is expected later this year, the company said.