New Integration Features to Be Added in the Next Month

Shotgun Software co-founder Don Parker introduced a slate of new features in Shotgun at SIGGRAPH, including improvements to the software's review and approval features as well as updated integration.

The new integration features will be showing up later in August, Parker said. They include a new Shotgun Panel, which works with applications including Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max, The Foundry Nuke, and Side Effects Software Houdini. It's a miniaturized Shotgun interface for quick access to key Shotgun features, including the ability to send messages to collaborators without leaving the workspace. Shotgun said the panel is customizable, so that it can be integrated into studio-specific pipelines.

In addition, Shotgun will work a little faster and more intelligently with your files, with a redesign of the File Manager that promises a better file-browsing experience.

The new review features will be in the full Shotgun 6.3 update, which is due in October, Parker said. They include a new global media view that lets users see all versions of media in all of their studio's projects from a single location. Parker said that can help artists deal with the often "siloed" nature of their working experience, where they're isolated from the work of other team members.

And the Client Review Site has been redesigned. Originally introduced last year to correct processes that Parker termed "bonkers inefficient," the site is being updated with better support for a variety of different permissions schemes. "Film clients want strict [permissions]," Parker noted, "and commercial clients want fast [access]."

Collaboration options have been improved, with new drag-and-drop support for uploading file attachments and an updated email notification system, Parker said.

Shotgun is priced starting at $30/account/month with the company's "awesome" support option, or $50/account/month with its "super awesome" support.