More IBC News Includes Teranex Mini Quad SDI Converters, MultiView and Teranex Express Updates, IP Video Demo

Blackmagic Design has started manufacturing the Ursa Mini, with deliveries begining this month, the company said today. The company also announced some changes to the camera that are meant to make it more attractive for live production or studio use.

Most notably, the Ursa Mini's reference video input and timecode have been combined on the same connector, freeing up a connection for 12G-SDI input. A forthcoming software update will allow the Ursa Mini to be remote-controlled from an ATEM switcher. One feature is missing—in a note to customers, Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty acknowledged that GOS has been removed from the Ursa Mini 4.6K models. "We could not get reliable satellite reception with the current deisgn," he said.

240_lens-mountPlays Nice with B4 Lenses
Also new is a Ursa Mini B4 lens mount for the PL version of the camera. This is not just a lens adapter—the camera's PL mount is removable, and the B4 lens mount can be bolted on in its place. A B4 lens-control connector has been added to power the lens and to support analog and digital lens control. The mount conforms to the B4 lens standard, and will map the lens mount to a HD "window" on the Ursa Mini sensor. It's a very clean way to get continued utility out of legacy broadcast lenses. The B4 Mount is due in November for $295.


New Multiviewer Software
Blackmagic's MultiView is getting a software update that includes new audio meters and redesigned on-screen labels. The VU meters conform to VI meter standards, Blackmagic said, and are displayed no matter how many views are selected. Audio meters, labels, and borderlines around views can be turned on and off using the MultiView's on-screen menus. The free update is expected in a few weeks.


New 12G/Quad Link Teranex Mini Converters
A new line of Teranex Mini converter models handle conversions between 12G and quad-link SDI, with the Quad Link SDI to 12G-SDI model bringing older 4K gear up to speed with single-cable connectivity. The reverse 12G-SDI to Quad Link SDI model can be used as a video wall processor, converting the UHD input to HD output for four different screens. Also new is the Teranex Mini SDI Distribution, a 12G-SDI distribution converter that splits an SD, HD, or UHD connection out to eight separate 12G-SDI outputs. The new Teranex Mini converters are coming "in a few weeks" for $495 each.


IP Video Transition
A technology demo at IBC will show two Teranex Mini IP-video prototype products connected via a 10 Gig optical IP switch. It points the way toward Blackmagic's initial IP video support, which will include 12G-SDI products that allow the use of a 10 Gig "data Module" that will give them both SDI and IP video capabilties.

Teranex Express
The Teranex Express is being updated with new recursive noise reduction tools for cleaning up noisy analog sources, and a new home screen that displays video, audio meters, current video standard, and timecode. That update is promised to arrive next week at no cost.

DeckLink Quad 2
A new DeckLink Quad capture and playback card has been designed for system integrators and OEMs. It has eight channels of 3G-SDI and is configurable to have up to eight channels of playback or eight channels of capture (or any combination) on the same card. It's coming "soon" for $995.


DaVinci Resolve 12 Is Out
Last but not least, Blackmagic finally posted the finished version of its mammoth DaVinci Resolve 12 release, which brings a host of new features to the venerable color tool. As always, the basic version is free, the Studio version runs $995, and the professional control surface takes the price up to $29,995.