At IBC, Red Digital Cinema announced HDR-2084, a new function built into the Redcast broadcast module that supports the SMPTE 2084 high dynamic range (HDR) display standard.

240_redcastRed Epic Dragon and Scarlet Dragon shooters can use HDR-2084 to monitor both HDR and standard dynamic range output simultaneously. The $6,950 Redcast module (pictured, left) also supports 3D LUTs and recording at up to 6K while broadcasting 4K or HD simultaneously.

In a thread announcing the news (including the shot at the top of this page, posted by Red President Jarred Land) at, Red's Graeme Nattress said live monitoring of HDR images would be important to help cinematographers understand how HDR imagery actually works during acquisition, rather than finessing the HDR image in post.

"Giving the tools to allow the DP to light properly for HDR and make use of it with their aesthetic sense and knowledge of how the image imapcts the story will be best," Nattress said, "and that means on-set monitoring of HDR and SDR together."

240_evfRed also announced a 120 GB Red Mini-Mag ($850) and a new Weapon Red Dragon 6K Standard OLPF ($295) should both be available in October. A Weapon Redvolt Expander ($3,950) coming in spring 2016 will allow Redvolt XL batteries to be hotswapped without powering down the camera. A new OLED Weapon Red 1920×1080 EVF (pictured, right; $3,450, or $4,150 with a mounting kit) is expected to ship in November, and a new Weapon Red Touch 4.7-inch 720p LCD ($1,450) is due early next year.