Claimed 'World's First' Truck Will Help Support Tests of High-Resolution Coverage at 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

How serious is Japanese broadcaster NHK about high-resolution transmittion? Serious enough to commission what provider Ikegami claims is the world's first 8K outside broadcast (OB) vehicle.

Ikegami says the truck was delivered in September, well in advance of the first 8K broadcast trials scheduled by the Japanese government to begin at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, with regular on-air transmissions to begin by 2018.

Ikegami has been making 8K cameras in collaboration with NHK for years, but the key characteristic of new iterations is reductions in bulk and heft. For example, the SHK-810 camera boasts a 33 megapixel Super 35 CMOS sensor but is about one-tenth the size and weight of its first-generation 8K camera, which was introduced back in 2002.


Here's a catalog of what's in the new Ikegami OB truck.

System Outline
Vehicle size 2,495(W) x 3,330(H) x 11,930(D) (mm)
(1,000mm (W) expandable when operating)
Switcher 16 inputs 4 outputs 1 M/E
Router 8K, 4K and HD/2K
Downstream Keyer 8K (four supers)
Camera 8K camera (Ikegami’s SHV-8000, SHK-810 etc./max 10 units)
Recorder 8K recorder (max four units)
Slow Player 8K slow player (max four units)
Sound Router MADI support
Monitor for Switcher Main: 55-inch 8K monitor
Sub: 55-inch with multiviewer
Monitor for VE 32-inch monitor and others

Source: Ikegami

The truck has been designed to operate inside Japan as well as internationally, allowing it to travel for coverage of global sporting events. Ikegami also said it can be expanded to hold additional equipment as needed.