1,500 New Style Effects and 230 Textured Overlays Come in 2K–5K Options

Motion graphics artists and editors just got another suite of time-saving QuickTime elements to drop into their timelines from the folks at Rampant Design. The company has released Rampant Motion Graphics for Editors v1 and v2, a packed set of some 1,500 drag-and-drop effects in 2K, 4K and 5K resolutions, as well as Rampant Textured Overlays, a smaller yet rich set of textures with an edgy, hand-crafted feel. If your Mac- or PC-based editing or compositing software can read QuickTime movies, as most can, you can easily pull Rampant effects into your projects.

Motion Graphics for Editors v1 includes some 600 designs—everything from halftones and faux 3D cyc wall backgrounds to a range of circle, line, box, arrow, loading icon, grid and burst designs—that are delivered via download or USB 3.0 hard drive. Volume 2 contains more than 900 similar designs, plus radials, rays, icons and vignettes. 

Rampant Textured Overlays, which range from subtle to densely organic designs, would work as well in custom backgrounds and over text treatments as they would over entire scenes of video.

The sets range in price from $79–$509, depending on resolution.

The company is known for its generous free sample mattes, transitions and effects libraries, beloved by artists and editors trying out new looks, and has uploaded free samples of the new packs to its 4kfree.com site. Rampant has also just launched a free online training series on its YouTube channel called Ask Rampant.