Boris FX has released Boris Continuum Complete 10 for Avid Media Composer, calling it the largest update in the product's history. Building on shared resources resulting from the acquistion of Imagineer in 2014, BCC 10 includes a number of new or enhanced feature sets driven by Imagineer's Mocha technology, like the Pixel Chooser powered by Mocha's planar tracker. A skin-smoothing algorithm in the new BCC Beauty Studio and Remover tool is also driven by Mocha's planar-tracking and rotoscoping technology. Overall, the new Mocha shapes and tracking tools in BCC 10 will give editors more robust tools for completing simple compositing tasks inside the Avid. BCC 10 also contains a plug-in version of Mocha.

The new version of Continuum Complete has some key interface improvements, including an elegant FX Browser that lets users navigate through thumbnails of factory-installed preset effects and play them back on their footage in real time. Users can also create their own custom presets and preview them with the browser.

Several of the new real-time effects inside the suite include Light Leaks, Video Glitch, and Cross Melt, Cross Glitch and Cross Zoom transitions. The new Reframer tool is particularly useful for reframing crowd-sourced footage in a news or documentary that has been shot vertically. BCC's next-generation Title Studio now lets editors import Cinema 4D models and build 2D/3D titles inside the Avid with full GPU acceleration.

With the Avid release, Boris has also announced that BCC 10 versions for Adobe and Final Cut Pro will be following shortly.