Handy New Chart Compares Key Specs Across Acquisition Systems for Digital Cinematography

Compare 15 different motion picture cameras at a glance — from the Alexa 65 and the Red Dragon Weapon to the Canon C300 Mark II, the Sony F5, and good old 35mm film — in this just-published chart from cinematography gurus Thomas Fletcher and Gary Adcock. 

2015 Camera Comparison Chart

Fletcher and Adcock look at the full range of workhorse cameras for digital cinematography, comparing their specs when shooting 24p to their highest quality internal recording formats. It's no substitute for getting hands-on with your camera of choice to check out its capabilities, but it will help you cut through the different marketing approaches used by different vendors and get to the nuts and bolts of what a given system can deliver.

Here's a live link to the 2015 Camera Comparison Chart [PDF], distributed via Google Drive.

Fletcher offered this disclaimer: Please note portions of this chart are subjective. This is not scientifically tested and collected data. We have sincerely tried to assemble accurate information to share with the industry. Our goal is to help producers make an educated decision in a rapidly changing camera landscape. That said, numbers do not tell the whole story — look at the images and consult your cinematographer.