Quantum released StorNext 5.3, a new version of its shared-workflow storage platform that enables encrypted long-term cloud archiving through the company's new Q-Cloud Vault service.

Q-Cloud Vault is low-cost long-term media storage built on Amazon.com's Glacier service. (Compare to Quantum's Q-Cloud Archive for higher availability content, which uses Amazon S3 storage.) With StorNext 5.3, users get automated migration of media to the cloud based on set policies with end-to-end encryption from the client side through transit to the cloud, Quantum said.

Q-Cloud Vault

StorNext 5.3 is also the basis for the company's new Xcellis storage architecture, which is available now.

Other capabilities in the new version include the Alternate Store Location feature, which allows files to be automatically copied, concurrently, to multiple locations and storage types, such as disk storage, cloud storage, or LTO tape. It supports Apple Spotlight search and an expanded slate of web services for deeper third-party integration.