A Run-and-Gun Light with Custom Barn Doors, Positioning Arm and Wireless Control

Zylight has begun shipping Newz, a compact LED on-camera light with barn doors and a novel articulated arm that can position its 60-degree beam spread more directly at a subject. 

Describing the Newz LED as a "soft but punchy" dimmable whitelight with true color reproduction that features variable color temperatures from tungsten (3200K) to daylight (5600K), Zylight is aiming the palm-size accessory at run-and-gun broadcast shooters who need a heat-free, low-power LED source in an all-in-one package. The light is characterized by its full-width half-maximum beam that creates a soft fall-off around its edges and can be controlled — by itself or in tandem with other Zylight products — wirelessly through Zylight's ZyLink technology.

The water-resistant Newz produces color reproduction similar to Zylight's F8 LED Fresnel line but features an easy quick-release mount and more flexibility than larger single-source lighting options. With a CRI of up to 95 (out of 100), the Newz comes very close to approximating natural sunlight and incandescent bulbs.

DSLR users will need Zylight's optional hot-shoe accessory to take advantage of the light's integrated strobe function.

Newz lists for under $430.