Another year, another crazily detailed chart from camera guru Tom Fletcher. Following his exhaustive camera tracker, he turns his efforts to anamorphic prime lenses.

The document lists and compares the current array of anamorphic lenses — in an assortment of 22 different fixed focal lengths — that are available for rent. Each lens type, from ARRI/Zeiss Master Primes to Vantage Hawk V-Lites, is linked to a separate document listing the rental houses that can hook you up with that sweet, sweet anamorphic glass.


Did you know where you could find an original Todd AO lens set made by Michael Todd? Do you know the difference between square-front and round-front Lomo lenses? Or who can provide you with vintage Japanese Cineovision lenses in the U,K.? Well, maybe you didn't — but now you do.

Here's a live link to the 2016 Anamorphic Prime Lens Chart [PDF], distributed via Google Drive.