XenData will demonstrate at NAB a new nearline disk-based NAS system that continuously backs up all content to LTO-7 cartridges.

The new DX-240 nearline disk archive is available with up to 240 TB of capacity via 44 6 TB SAS disks in a RAID 6+0 configuration. The archive (a 2RU archive server with a 4RU disk enclosure) attaches to a network via 10 Gig-E or to a SAN via 8 Gb/sec fibre channel. Files that are written to the disk array are simultaneously written to a direct-attached 1RU robotic LTO-7 library that also records changes to the file system — such as deletions, overwrites and renamed files.

According to XenData CEO Phil Storey, the continuous LTO back-up is the DX-240's key differentiator from conventional NAS, especially in the content business with its huge bandwidth requirements. "Conventional backup doesn't work with the large storage capacities required in the media and entertainment industry, as there is never the time to perform a full backup," Storey said in a prepared statement.

The DX-240 runs Windows Server 2012 R2 with file-system and object-storage interfaces that allow interoperability with third-party media asset management systems. Software modules have been written for tighter integration with specific applications, such as Avid.

The DX-240 will be available in 240 TB, 180 TB and 120 TB versions. The LTO-7 library holds up to seven 6 TB tape cartridges, and the DX-240 will send email alerts and display messages via email when full LTO tapes need to be swapped out.