Latest Versions Ship with New Multi-User Licensing Available for Larger Studios

Mac users who've wanted to take Blackmagic Design's VFX and motion-graphics software Fusion for a spin finally have their chance. With v8, now shipping, Fusion is available in both Mac and Windows versions.

Also for the first time, Fusion 8 Studio is available in multi-user versions supporting 10, 20 or 50 licenses. Multi-user versions require the use of a single USB dongle that plugs into a machine running Fusion Server, which is included with Fusion Studio. Fusion Server handles administration of floating licenses across the local network.

Blackmagic acquired Eyeon Software back in 2014, promptly making the company's flagship Fusion package for Windows available as a free download — minus a few high-end features. Today, Fusion 8 is a free software download for both Mac and Windows from the Blackmagic website.

Fusion 8 Studio, which retains compatibility with files created in the free version, adds advanced optical-flow algorithms for stereo-3D imagery, retiming, and stabilization, for $995. Prices for the multi-user licenses are available from Blackmagic resellers starting at $8,955 for 10 users, $17,895 for 20 users and $44,495 for 50 users.

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