Small Tree debuted ZenStor, a line of shared-storage systems designed specifically to handle 4K workflow, at NAB.

Built around a 12 Gb/sec backplane with NVMe SSD support and connected to editorial via 1Gig, 10Gig or 40Gig Ethernet, the new systems can be configured as a portable chassis with five drive bays, or rack-mounted boxes with up to 24 bays. Small Tree says the systems can be scaled "almost indefinitely," adding chassis to the existing system without requiring RAID rebuilds or data migration.

ZenStor is designed to support Avid workflow, including bin-locking, but the company said it works across Windows, Linux and OS X clients and supports a broad array of creative software, including Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut Pro 7/X, and DaVinci Resolve.

At NAB, Small Tree President Corky Seeber told StudoDaily that, with demand for video storage growing quickly, Ethernet-connected shared storage has become more attractive than ever — which is good for Small Tree, which has specialized in Ethernet storage for years. "Seven years ago, we were telling you you could do picture-in-picture editing over Ethernet," Seeber recalled. "At the same show, Apple said you had to use Xsan and you couldn't do it over Ethernet.

"With recent drops in price, everyone is doing Ethernet now. It's because of the commoditization of the technology, the commoditization of 10GigE, and the consumer market for 4K content. It all came together really quickly."