Creative Cloud Apps to Support Apple ProRes, Along with DNxHD/HR .MOV Export, AAC Audio, PNG, Animation

Adobe said it has prioritized its work on native support for ProRes in its Windows applications, avoiding the need for many Creative Cloud users to have QuickTime for Windows installed on their PCs.

Adobe's ProRes implementation is fully licensed and certified by Apple, Adobe Pro Audio and Video Director of Engineering David McGavran wrote in a blog post, adding that it should be included in a Creative Cloud update "shortly." Also coming soon, McGavran said, is native export support for DNxHD and DNxHR in .mov wrappers (.mxf export is already supported) as well as additional support for AAC Audio, PNG, and QuickTime Animation.

If you have legacy media encoded to more obscure QuickTime-reliant formats, it's probably time to figure out a way to transcode those files and get rid of QuickTime once and for all. Apple's discontinuation of QuickTime for Windows support earlier this year made that software a permanent security hazard for any Internet-connected PC.