Low-Latency, High-Quality Systems Are Designed to Provide Pixel-Perfect, Artifact-Free Images and Reduce User Eye Fatigue

Thinklogical came to NAB this year with its new TLX CATx line of KVM systems that it said can extend and switch uncompressed 4:4:4 4K (4096×2160) video. 4K or UHD video can be transmitted at up to 60Hz over a pair of fibre or Cat 6 cables, the company said.

A single cable can carry uncompressed data at up to 10 Gb/sec, enough for 4K/UHD video at 30 Hz, a company rep told StudioDaily, without compressing the image, dropping frames, or losing pixels. Bringing the video up to 60 Hz requires about 16–18 Gb/sec of bandwidth, so two cables are required, or four cables for dual-display support in 4K. 

Fibre and Cat 6 deliver the same 10 Gb/sec data transmission speed, the company said. The difference is in distance — fiber can extend the signals over 80km, while Cat 6a cable is limited to about 100m. Audio can be embedded in the signal, with the option to de-embed at the receiving end.

Thinklogical said the technology can be critical for broadcast and post-production applications, where users working over a KVM can grow fatigued working on systems with image artifacts introduced by compression. Thinklogical said the TLX CATx products reproduce images with pixel-to-pixel fidelity and signal latency measured in microseconds for maximum responsiveness.

The products were introduced at IBC last year, but made their U.S. debut in Las Vegas last month, the company said.