Snell Advanced Media (SAM) said that its Quantel Rio is the first finishing system to support the color science embedded in the Panavision Millennium DXL camera system announced last week.

The DXL camera features something called Light Iron Color, a proprietary image-mapping process for setting a certain "cinematic" look at the sensor level inside the camera. SAM said it worked closely with Light Iron and parent company Panavision to develop the Rio's Light Iron Color menu, where colorists can find controls to manipulate that image-mapping process and tweak the look of the files.

The Rio handles DXL footage natively in either 4K "proxy" or full 8K resolution, the company said. "The Quantel Rio, having been designed with a 14K wide canvas, is perfect for use with the DXL camera because it easily and natively accepts 8K large-format files," said SAM Director of Creative Services Danny Peters. "This makes Quantel Rio the system of choice for coloring and finishing by those doing large-format post-production."

SAM announced Quantel Rio v4 at NAB, adding new speed effect and retiming tools, an improved cloud tracker, and integrated Avid workflow support.