AJA is now shipping a redesigned version of its Hi5-Fiber Mini Converter that supports 3G-SDI input at frame rates of up to 1080p60. The original release of the Hi5-Fiber was limited to HD-SDI at up to 1080p30.

The Hi5-Fiber converts single-mode optical fiber to HDMI with up to eight channels of embedded audio output. Two-channel RCA audio output is also offered, along with USB connectivity for configuration and use with AJA's Mini-Config control software.

The Mini-Config software got an update, too, with the latest v2.17.0 supporting the new Hi5-Fiber box as well as "feature enhancements" for other Mini-Converters, AJA said.

The price for the updated Hi5-Fiber has not changed — it bears a $695 MSRP. The new software is available for download from the AJA website.