New Support System Is Designed for Maximum Stability and Minimum Visibility

The latest specialty tripod is designed expressly for VR shooting. The new VRig from Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) is built for flexibility and inconspicuousness when capturing a 360-degree field of view.

MSE-VRig_verticalMSE built the rig to hold a spherical camera system on top of a thin vertical riser; an elastic skirt can be used to hide the legs below from view, along with any necessary accessories. The slim profile is also meant to be unobtrusive when placed in a live environment, such as near the front of a concert hall where audience members will have to see past it.

A weight retainer has been positioned to give the rig an exceptionally low center of gravity, allowing it to be set up and then left in place for the duration of a shoot. A suction cup, auger spike and boom arm are optional accessories. MSE said it can be used as a low-angle mount for a car or for tabletop/ground shooting, and that it integrates with standard grip equipment to allow the usual customizations. 

"The VRig is in use on several major VR productions," said MSE VP of Marketing and Product Development Tyler Phillips in a prepared statement. "Until now, they have been kludging together supports from parts using everything from video tripods to still photo monopods and light stands."

A lightweight version of the VRig, the S30, supports up to 30 lbs. and weighs 7.5 lbs., with a height range of 26 inches to 64.5 inches and a footprint diameter from 6 inches to 37 inches. The heavyweight version, the S75, supports up to 75 lbs., with a height range of 33 inches to 86 inches and a footprint diameter ranging from 9 inches to 43 inches.

The VRig will be on display at VRLA, to be held August 5–6 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam.