Users Can Set Multiple Windows to Reframe a 4K Input as Switchable HD-Resolution Images

Many users who have invested in 4K camcorders still deliver the majority of their work at HD resolution. Convergent Design's new Titan option for its Odyssey & Apollo monitor-recorders is aimed at owners of 4K production equipment who want ways to put all those extra pixels to use, even when they're delivering content in HD. 

Titan allows the HDMI or SDI signal from a 4K camera (or 4K raw output from Sony's FS5, FS7 and FS700) to be broken up into three HD video signals, or angles. One of those signals is a supersampled version of the full image area, while two more duplicate selected windows inside the larger frame at HD resolution. 

Those windows can be panned through the 4K image, and users can live-switch (either cuts or dissolves) among the three angles. All four HD signals — the raw captures and the live-switched version of the program — can be recorded to Apple ProRes with matching timecode and file names. An EDL is also generated.

Watch the product introduction video, below, for more detail.

Doing the cutting and reframing live obviously eliminates the time spent to manipulate the footage in post, allowing immediate turnaround of a completed program. 

Titan is an option for the Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+, and Apollo monitor-recorders. It lists for $1,295, but Convergent Design said it will be available for a $995 "introductory price" when it becomes available in early October.