TV technology platform vendor Cinegy expanded on its introduction last year of the GPU-based DANIEL2 codec with an IBC 2016 demonstration of its broadcast software products working in 8K.

The company said an off-the-shelf sub-$1100 PC workstation can decode 8K Daniel2 sreams at up to 1100 fps.

In a statement released before the show, Cinegy CTO and co-founder Jan Weigner said shifting broadcast to a software-defined and GPU-aware environment means the hard ceilings on resolution available with traditional broadcast gear are starting to go away. Instead, broadcasters can acquire and produce footage at whatever resolution can be accommodated by commodity hardware.

"We think our 8K demo will be impressive enough for IBC 2016," he said. "As for 2017 and beyond? Well, how high do you want to go?"

At NAB this year, Cinegy announced Cinegy as a Service, a completely software oriented approach to HD and 4K playout and broadcast via cloud-based services like Amazon WebServices.