1 Beyond revamped its line of StreamMachine streaming hardware, with new options ranging in price from $3,995 on the low end to $11,995 for a top-of-the-line portable device with built-in screen and keyboard.

All of the StreamMachine models have at least four HD-SDI inputs with the ability to capture, stream and record 1080p video. They run Wirecast Pro software to control effects, composite video sources, and apply color-correction, and support 2D and 3D animated titles, virtual sets, and audio/video delay.


The lightest, least expensive model is the StreamMachine Edge ($3995), which offers four HD-SDI inputs, seven USB 3.0 inputs (including one type-C), a 1/8-inch audio line-in, and an HDMI program output, along with a 250 GB SSD for recording up to 100 hours of programming (or two hours including all four ISOs). The Edge measures 14.8 inches wide by 13 inches deep and weighs 12 lbs., making it a fairly portable streaming solution.


Moving up the line, the rack-mountable StreamMachine Studio ($5,995) and Studio Pro ($8,995) are not as portable at 24 lbs. each, but add more options for streamers. The Studio model has four HD-SDI inputs, eight USB 3.0 inputs and two USB 3.1 inputs, and offers a 1/4-inch balanced audio input in addition to the 1/8-inch line-in. The Studio has both HDMI and HD-SDI program outputs and ups recording time to 800 hours (or 12-18 hours with all four ISOs) with a 2 TB drive. The Studio Pro offers all that plus an extra four HD-SDI inputs for a total of eight, and ups the CPU cores from eight to 12.


At the top of the line are the StreamMachine Portable ($8,495) and Portable Pro ($11,995), two portable units that include both a screen and a fold-up keyboard, with a handle for carrying. Among the differences between the two are speedier and more capable hardware in the Portable Pro, which boasts a 12-core CPU, a 2 TB SSD, and Nvidia graphics.

1 Beyond said all of the new systems are shipping now.