It looks like the next generation of smart glasses may have at least one very specific use case for pro videographers — they'll let pilots keep their eyes on their drone's POV camera feeds without breaking the line-of-sight contact required by FAA regulations.


DJI and Epson today announced that a new version of the DJI GoApp will run on Epson's forthcoming Moverio BT-300 augmented-reality (AR) glasses. Running the app on the glasses will let users see the drone's "first-person" camera view while simultaneously maintaining eye contact with the unit in flight.

Future updates to the software will put more data up for AR display, including battery life, recording status, speed, and altitude, Epson said.

The $799 BT-300 glasses are slated to ship near the end of 2016 and are currently available for pre-order.

Watch the Epson marketing video, below, to see some of the other applications it imagines for AR.