On the heels of the announcement that Shawn LeMone and Peter Cox will receive Mark Awards during the Production Music Conference next month, the Production Music Association named the nominees for awards in 21 categories honoring excellence in production music.
Named for the late Andy Mark, a founding member of the PMA, the Mark Awards ceremony will take place October 18 at the PMC. The two-day conference will be keynoted by composer Harry Gregson-Williams (The Martian) and musician/businessman D.A. Wallach.
A full list of the nominees as provided by the PMA follows:
Best Pop Track
Ain’t Gonna Let You Down – Black Label Music
Composers: Christopher Andrew McDonald & Lena Leon

Dabba Do! – Black Label Music
Composer: Chris Bierden

Ride – Mastersource
Composers: Mark Ferrari, Mereki Rose Beach & Nate Donmoyer

Neon City – Videohelper
Composer: William Werwath
Live your Beautiful Life – 5 Alarm Music
Composers: Gray Griggs & Matt Heath

Best Ambient Track

Zero Degree Sphere – 9 Lives Music, Warner/Chappell Production Music
Composer: Ben Cocks

Stairs – Black Label Music
Composer: Schuyler Peterson
The Vision – Immediate Music
Composer: John Roderick Graham

Best World Track

Cafe Flamenco – 5 Alarm Music
Composers: Peter Neff & Mauricio Yazigi

Buena Vista – Megatrax Production Music
Composers: Peter T. Neff & Mauricio Yazigi
Bollywood Bounce – 5 Alarm Music
Composers: Kully B & Gussy G
O Nosso Samba Vai Passar (Samba Parade) – Megatrax Production Music
Composers: Raphael Gonçalves Bessa, Orlei Gonçalves & Eduardo Lyra Krieger

Best Rock Track

The King – EMI Production Music
Composers: Harlin James & Thomas Collins

Black Heart Elixir – 5 Alarm Music
Composer: Chris Unck
Balls to Bones – Megatrax Production Music
Composer: Kenny Korade
Let Me Go – APM Music
Composers: Lee Gretton, Samuel Rex Brown & Huw Jones

Best Orchestral Track
An Awfully Big Adventure – Immediate Music
Composer: John Roderick Graham
Newton’s Law – Immediate Music
Composer: Ryan Taubert
Superstring Theory – Sonic Quiver, 5 Alarm Music
Composer: Matthew Slater

Best Non-Categorical Track

A Classical Drama – 9 Lives Music, Warner/Chappell Production Music
Composer: Christopher White

Circuit Breaker – 9 Lives Music, Warner/Chappell Production Music
Composer: Ben Cocks

Floodgates – EMI Production Music
Composers: Paul Martin Pritchard, H. Parsley & Louis James Edwards

Come On – Amphibious Zoo Music
Composers: Joseph Yeshua Gileadi & Ryan Boud

Best Jazz Track

The Long Road that is Short – MidCoast Music, Warner Chappell Production Music
Composer: Paul Silbergleit

Swinging for Love – 5 Alarm Music
Composers: Jay Graydon & Timothy Hosman
Out on a Limb – Position Music
Composers: Joel Evans & Adryan Russ

Best Hip Hop Track

Time to Shine – Black Label Music
Composers: Paul Yutaka Fischer & Michael Redict

Against the World – Warner/Chappell Production Music
Composers: Daniel Delaney & Chris B. Harris
Legend – Black Label Music
Composer: Erick Anderson
I’m A Winner – APM Music
Composers: Adam Brostoff, James Rand, Janos Fulop & Montez Kirkland
Best Folk Track

Save What is Left – West One Music Group
Composer: George Timothy

Eden Home – APM Music
Composer: Casey McPherson
Hello Hello – 5 Alarm Music
Composer: Nik Freitas
Starting to Grow – Sound-Pol
Composer: Paweł Górniak


Best Film Trailer Track
Deep in Hell – The Universal Trailer Series
Composer: Gresby Race Nash
Hawx – Warner/Chappell Production Music
Composers: Joshua Daniel Crispin & Robert Leslie Bennett
Legend of the Shadow – A-List Music
Composers: John V. Wall & Sergio Jimenez Lacima
Best EDM Track
Pigalle Bizarre – Parigo
Composer: Minimatic
Neon Future – West One Music Group
Composers: Oscar Hill & Justin Black
When I’m With You – APM Music
Composers: Gabriel Wood, Kwabena Amponsa, Christopher Dececio, Sizakele Sibeko & Emmanuel Ezeonyebuchi, Taylor, Glenard Patnelli
Around the World – APM Music
Composers: Fumitake Igarashi, Rathbone Pick & Rebekkah Friesen
Best Dark/Mysterious Track
Dragon’s Breath – Amphibious Zoo
Composer: Anthony DiLorenzo
Source Code – Immediate Music
Composer: Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
White House Meetings – 5 Alarm Music
Composers: Sarah Schachner & Doug Bossi
Best Country Track
All I Got – SuperPitch
Composer: Tom Tremolo
Lazy Lillian – Black Label Music
Composer: Stephen Clinton Sullivan
What City Are We In? – APM Music
Composer: Jim Wolfe

Best Vocal Track
Light Up the Sky – APM Music
Composers: Al Riley, John Howard & Leo Wilde
Say Hello – Black Label Music
Composer: Nona Marie Invie
Give it Up – Black Label Music
Composer: Stephen Clinton Sullivan

Best Use in Online Digital Advertising
Make You Happy – APM Music
Composer: Jack Phillips
Big Dreams – Warner/Chappell Production Music
Composers: Daniel Delaney & Chris B. Harris
Requiem Dies Irae – West One Music Group
Composers: Giuseppe Verdi & Georg Andersen
Best Use in On-Air Promo
Party Noise Bulla – The Vault by Stephen Arnold Music
Composer: Ben Rosen
My Name is Legion – The Vault by Stephen Arnold Music
Composer: Nicholas D’Silva
Two by Four – Videohelper
Composer: Aaron Sapp
Best Use in Theatrical Film Trailer
Person of Interest – Immediate Music
Composer: Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
Interstellar – Warner/Chappell Production Music
Composers: Kaveh Cohen & Michael David Nielsen
Where we Met – Immediate Music
Composers: John Samuel Hanson, Yoav Goren & Jeffrey Fayman

Best Use in Commercial Advertisement
Heineken – The Chase – EMI Production Music
Composer: Syd Dale
Doesn’t Matter – Gratitude Sound
Composer: Matthew Scott Feher
La Zingara – APM Music
Composer: Piotr Moss
Best Use in Theme Song in TV Prorgram
When You Gonna Give Up – 4 Elements Music
Composer: Isaac Heath Carpenter
National Pride – The Vault by Stephen Arnold Music
Composer: Stephen Scott Arnold
Yoo-hoo – West One Music Group
Composers: Simon Gerard Lewis Stewart & Future Filter 7
Best Use in Underscore in TV Program

Blaze of Glory – SuperPitch
Composer: Jonathan Spottiswoode

Best Use in a Full-Length Theatrical Film
Life is Everything – 5 Alarm Music
Composer: Christophe Berthier

Knocking on Your Door – 5 Alarm Music
Composer: Christophe Berthier