TVs will be back on the top of the technology heap this holiday season, according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). 

The CTA's Pre-Black Friday Survey found that TVs are the top technology product that holiday shoppers in the U.S. are planning to purchase, which returns them to the top spot on the list after two years. Specifically, CTA projects that 4.5 million 4K UHD sets will be shipped into U.S. retail for the 2016 holiday season.

Other products on track for strong U.S. sales over the 2016 holidays, based on responses from a survey sample of 1,011 adults, are drones (1.2 million units — a 112 percent increase from last year) and VR headsets (700,000 units).

Among U.S. adults intending to purchase tech products during the week of Thanksgiving, the top ten tech products shoppers plan to buy are:

1. Televisions (returning as the top-selling tech product after two years)
2. Laptop computers (jumping two spots from last year’s list)
3. Smartphones
4. Videogame consoles
5. Tablet computers
6. Headphones
7. Tech accessories
8. DVD or Blu-ray Disc players
9. Digital cameras
10. Wearables

Source: CTA

“By all accounts, the 2016 Black Friday week looks like it will be a record breaker for tech,” said CTA Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac, Ph.D., in a prepared statement. "Even with delayed promotions from retailers and manufacturers, and signs of pre-election uncertainty, we expect consumer enthusiasm for technology purchases during the holidays to be higher than ever.”