Looking for a way into an ACES workflow? Trying to bone up on concepts like IDTs, ODTs, and the ASC CDL? Just want to be ready to speak intelligently when a client asks you about the technology formally known as the Academy Color Encoding System? 

Da Vinci Resolve ACES workflow

Pro colorist (and Mixing Light co-founder) Robbie Carman offers some perspective on all that and more in Getting to Know ACES, a nicely detailed article at colorist training and tutorials site Mixing Light.

Full of specific info (including a summary video) about implementing an ACES workflow in Da Vinci Resolve — inviting VFX and compositing to the party as well — the three-parter was previously posted only for paid members of the website. But now, concurrent with an industry-wide push to raise awareness of ACES — including the establishment of the official ACES Central website as an information clearinghouse — the series is available to all readers for free.

Here's how Carman summarizes ACES for beginners:

Get it while it's hot! Or, for more background, check out our piece from this summer, 7 Reasons Why ACES Color Science Is Changing the Grade, to help put the technology in perspective.