Atomos is helping breathe new life into some old cameras, helping promote a set of log picture profiles that help expand the available dynamic range of footage recorded from the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Mark IV and other models with clean HDMI output. Atomos is calling it an HDR upgrade for Canon DSLRs.

The ,pf3 picture profiles were developed by cinematographer James Miller and include a basic "CLOG Neutral" profile and a "more Canon-style" CLOG 3 profile. Each comes with a number of corresponding .cube LUTs and other options.

Atomos saw the ability to record increased dynamic range as an opportunity to promote its Inferno and Flame recorders, which feature HDR-ready software, display more than 10 stops on their included seven-inch monitors, and record the clean HDMI output of Canon DSLRs to ProRes files. 

The HDMI output is only 8-bit, but the big benefit of recording externally from a DSLR is the elimination of heavy compression that's applied to files recorded in camera. The benefits of Canon Log recording drove many cinema-style shooters to the EOS-1D C, which launched way back in 2012. Since then, users have lamented Canon's decision not to support it on any other DSLRs.

The DELUTS Canon DSLR Log and Looks packaage is available for download for a little more than $20 — that's a 30% discount from Miller's original selling price — through Atomos via the link below.