Panasonic has published a new interview with DP Mark Schwartzbard, who just finished shooting two seasons of Netlix's Master of None and the second season of Netflix's Love with the VariCam 35.

Schwartzbard explains his use of older zooms, including a Cooke 18–100 T3 and an Angenieux 25–250 T3.5, to give the New York-set Master of None a softer, more vintage look, while using Panavision Primo lenses and Super Speed Z-series primes for the LA-centric Love

But a common strategy for both shows was the use of natural light while shooting at high ISOs. That allowed realistic, practical light on location in low-light settings to be augmented with just enough fill as needed, and the relatively high ISO allowed zooms to be used, even on night exteriors.

For more details, including Schwartzbard's overall impression of the camera, visit Panasonic's blogLove season 2 premieres on Netflix tomorrow, March 10.