Partnership with East Coast Digital and Hidden Content Aims to Provide End-to-End Content Creation

New York audio post facility Hobo has launched a new division dedicated to object-oriented audio mixing for 360-degree video and VR content.

"I've always envisioned Hobo as doing more than audio, but always resisted the temptation to simply add new post services," said Howard Bowler (pictured, top of page), Hobo founder and president, in a prepared statement. "I wanted something more holistically focused. 360 VR is a technology that I believe will grow as more companies like ours create content for it.

Bowler said Hobo is developing a TV series inspired by The Wire through Hobo's Green Point Creative division, which is geared toward the cannabis legalization movement. Bowler intends to shoot and distribute the show via 360-degree viewing platforms. 

At the same, the company announced strategic alliances with post facility East Coast Digital ("Cardboard City") and VR production and post company Hidden Content, founded by Ant Gentile, Jake Wasserman and Adam Donald, to provide 360/VR services from conceptualization through production and post.