Vimeo joined the 360 video party this week with the addition of support for 360-degree videos on its platform — including its Vimeo On Demand monetization features.

Videos can be uploaded at resolutions up to 8K, in 2D or stereoscopic formats, and Vimeo's platform supports additional metadata, customized embed settings, lead capture and calls to action in its embedded player. New 360-only options include a setting for field of view and an in-player compass to help orient viewers. Vimeo said it will also offer educational resources and tutorials on 360-degree technology, from pre-production through editorial via a new 360 Video School.

Zurich 2.0 from Dirk Koy on Vimeo.

Vimeo showcased its 360 support with a selection of videos in the new 360 Cinema channel from a variety of filmmakers and organizations. Look for Vimeo to take 360-degree movies on the road, starting with an appearance this weekend at South by Southwest in Austin, TX.

Vimeo 360: