Dalet said it will be expanding its Galaxy orchestration and asset management platform at NAB to include new features aimed at business continuity, social media publishing, and IMF workflow.

New business continuity options will include replication and failover features, plus virtualization and cloud options aimed at reducing the cost of disaster recovery infrastructure, the company said. Dalet Galaxy is being improved for easier publishing of assets to social-media channels while tracking audience data, and it has a new set of tools for managing IMF packages, including ingest, content mapping, preview, packaging, and distribution, Dalet said.

“The new Dalet tools shown at NAB answer critical business needs, simplify the user experience, and invigorate operations across the board, from ensuring business continuity via a secure virtualized or cloud-based infrastructure, to efficient bidirectional integration with social platforms, or simplifying a complex need like mass management of IMF packages,” said Dalet VP of Marketing Arnaud Elnecave in a prepared statement.

Also being featured at NAB are the Dalet Workflow Engine, which orchestrates tasks and services on an enterprise-wide basis, and Dalet’s Unified News Operations, a scalable system of collaborative newsroom tools, including ingest, logging, editing, graphics, scheduling, studio automation, multi-platform distribution and direct integration of social platforms.

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